WPA Password Cracker

**NOTE** There is no guarantee a password will be recovered only that we will process the capture against a wordlist over one and a half billion combinations.

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The cost for this service is $10.00 US. The results will be sent to the email address you provide below. Although your file can be uploaded, it will not be proccesed until payment is confirmed. Please be sure to enter the correct information for acurate results. There is a 10MB upload limit, if your file excedes this limit please strip it down. The file should be in .cap or .pcap format in order to be accepted. Please be sure to read the FAQ before using this service in order to answer any questions.

Current Number of Words in List: 1,582,308,051

Note: It can take up to one hour to process a single cap file so your processing time will depend on the number of files in the queue below. If there are 0 files in queue then you will have a result within 1 hour and 20 minutes, but if there is 1 file in queue below it could be up to 2 hrs. and 40 minutes depending on the amount of time the file has been processing. If there are two files in queue then it could be up to 4 hrs before a result is returned and so on. You will receive an email letting you know the results even if we do not locate the password.

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You will be charged even if your password is not recovered.
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