Welcome to Question Defense Tools

We created this site to order to make available web interfaces for some of the tools which are useful in security audits and penetration testing. One of our main focuses is accelerated password cracking using GPU’s. Because of the way the GPU works, password cracking can occur at speeds which were previously only possible with CPU cluster computing. When a  password is set up  insecurely, meaning a  password that is based on dictionary words, there is a higher likelihood that a password can be guessed.  Hardware acceleration of password recovery has always been a interest of ours. No weak password can survive a GPU-accelerated password recovery attack. Most of the work in this area involves using multi-core GPUs to take the number crunching chores off of the system CPU. While a modern cpu has around 8 cores, GPUs can have hundreds of cores. GPUs can calculate 100’s of times faster than even fastest general purpose processors and the cost of a GPU is extremely reasonable compared to the amount of work they can do. The only issue is that GPUs need high level parallel code in order to deliver higher speeds, and programs need to be rewritten to run using GPU technology.

The goal of this site is to help aid in educating the world about poor password practices. This site is not here to help people break into their neighbors wireless networks or any other form of malicious activity concerning passwords. We take no responsibility for what is done with the information gained from this site.